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Our Mission, Our Vision

HELPING PEOPLE MOVE FORWARD.  This is our mission and our vision. We are deeply motivated to bear burdens and meet needs. We help people from all walks of life no matter belief systems. Then we ask God to use us to help others get unstuck and push away from the old and into a positive direction. Toward God and a good future is the forward motion we desire to see in ourselves and others and this alone is our marker for success.

Our Values


1) We believe in worship that is Spirit-led and authentic.

2) We believe in fellowship that highly values the individual and is hospitality+. Hospitality+ is hospitality that treats others like honored family and serves them as best they know how, especially our others who are our guests.

3) We believe in discipleship that is relational and focused on learning. Learning is the context of the discipleship relationship.

4) We believe in ministry that empowers people for a divine purpose through support.

5) We believe in sharing our faith with compassion, with clarity, and by His power.

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