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Trinity Worship Center

Each Sunday Worship Service 10:30am

Come join us just as you are for Spirit led worship


Hello, my name is Pastor Jeff Fox. My wife Tasha and I would be privileged to have you and if possible, your family at the next Trinity Worship Center (TWC) gathering this Sunday at 10:30am.  Our desire is for you to encounter the living and loving God for the first time or once again through worship, prayer, and the word of God.
Would you be our guest?  If you come, I know you will experience two things.  First, is love.  The bible tells us that God is love and by experiencing him and the warm embrace of a church community you will experience an environment of love.  Second, is hope.  The moment a person starts to trust in the Lord and follow Him, God begins to direct their paths.  When your path is directed by God great hope will rise in your heart.
So, what is waiting for you at Trinity Worship Center?  Love and hope.  This is a great combination and hard to beat in a fast paced, ever changing and empty culture.  Know that your experience of love and hope at Trinity Worship Center is just the beginning of what all God has for you in our community!
Once again, will you be our guest?  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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